Thursday, January 3, 2008

What we're about.

Hello and welcome one and all to 2 poached eggs. As you can see this blog is all about diners..and specifically our favorite meal at diners..2 poached eggs, wheat toast, home fries, and coffee. Of course with the condiments of splenda and Tabasco.
When I was a kid me, my parents, and my godparents would always go to diners. It was a ritual and a fairly normal one at that. Who hasn't fallen in love with a local diner? I would search the menu for what I wanted and always somehow ended up with the mac and cheese or fettuccine alfredo..they were my forte. As a teen..I can remember going to the local 76 diner and causing a ruckus with all my hoodlum friends :). We used to get french fries with cheese and a coffee or soda. Growing up in suburbia we looked forward to our Friday nights at the diner and even though we were loud and obnoxious they dealt with us and our tips of dimes and gum. Now, as an 'adult' every time I enter a diner all I want is a good cup of coffee and well poached eggs. Please, don't skimp on my hash browns/home fries, always carry Tabasco and you will be a-ok in my book. Give me a shitty waitress with a bad attitude and a cook who over poached my yolks...and I'll flip.

I the other poached egg, enjoyed going to the local diner ever mother/father/grandparents etc. day. I didn't have a regular dish, but now that I frequent diners more often I have one choice and one choice only, 2 poached eggs on wheat toast with home fries and coffee. Delicious. These days we can afford to tip a little bit more than just dimes and gum. So, give us good service, good food a smile and we'll be your new best friends.

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