Friday, January 4, 2008

Rt. 7 Diner

Clearly located on Route 7. It's a bit past Wade Rd and Peter Harris Plaza. If your not from Nisky or around that area it's kind of a bit out of the way but it's really well priced and worth it.

This diner has always been a little treat for me. I've always enjoyed going to it when people were/are willing to meet me there. They have both Tabasco and splenda..A+ route 7. There was a creepy bus boy who kept staring creepily at the other poached egg which made us both a little uncomfortable. We sat in the back room this time instead of the front which really makes no difference. They didn't skimp on the home fries but I did get less than the other egg :(. However they tasted delicious and had the right combo of spices etc. There was definitely a lot of leakage from my eggs but whatever they weren't over cooked I would almost say they were cooked to perfection. I over all enjoyed my experience at this diner I'll give it an 8.

I must say that whenever I'm friendly it seems to back fire. Just to make things straight just because I smiled and said hi doesn't mean I want you. With that said we were seated promptly and our waitress was very pleasant and got us everything we needed Tabasco Ketchup etc., in a timely manner which was great because I hate when you have to ask them 10 times just for a glass of water, I'm thirsty! I enjoyed the home fries here more than the Empress Diner, I like the thinner sliced potatoes because they get crispy brown. I really liked the coffee here, it also made a difference because they actually had splenda.

It was 3.15 for the plate and a total of 9.50 for two plates and two coffees.

p.s. No one made you look at this blog eff you G.K. LOOOOOOVE 2 poached eggs.


Anonymous said...

Hi this is your waitress from the route 7 diner, i would like 2 thank you for you nice comment about me, but we are way better than the empress diner we should of least got a rate of about 9. it was the buss boy who lost us the point, but i'll work on that right away. I'll like you little web page its very nice keep comin in and written good stuff.
thanx, your waitress.

potatopunk said...

lindsey! i like that i got mentioned! i rule so hard. uhhhh anyway, if you want me to dive in ill explain why im not crazy about the blog. i, too, am a diner fanatic and the content itself is fine...maybe even interesting...its just the writing. it seems too stiff. too dry. i can tell you about a few wonderful diners that are within an hours drive if youd like. <3gk

Two Poached Eggs & Wheat Toast said...

ok greg...lemme hear it. give me some diner names and I will travel near and far to them..maybe you can come with. we're not trying to be dry..its just dry in the beginning it'll get better we promise.
PS:refrain from using the name!! its supposed to be nameless love.