Monday, January 7, 2008

The Gateway Diner

The Gateway Diner is located on Central Ave. in Albany right off of Everett Rd.

This place has always been my go to spot. I can remember after my high school graduation me and a group of my friends went here to celebrate and eat some delicious food. This of course was before it was remodeled and we set in a dimly lit corner with a nice big table. I remember exactly what I got..water beer battered onion rings and a side of ziti.
Over the summer me and my friends would frequent this diner on Saturdays or Sundays for a nice breakfast/lunch. I would clearly always order my favorite..poached eggs and toast but sometimes I would mix it up with a side of fruit or a pancake. I have a lot of fond memories of the Gateway Diner. The late night stops for french onion soup..the morning breakfast to aid a nice hang over, all the usual gatherings. It's definitely one of my favorite diners in Albany even if sometimes the service is slow and sometimes the waitress spills OJ on your food.
However, my most recent experience with the Gateway diner was no where near my best. Our waiter..I'll give him props was nice and friendly a bit jittery at times but over all good. My eggs were WAY over cook which I found very upsetting. The home fries were amazing as usual and the coffee was at its normal deliciousness. The eggs thing really upset me though. Since the gateway is one of my favorite spots it must be known that they clearly always have splenda and Tabasco. I think it was like 3.99 for my plate and the bill for 4 people came to about 12.60 or so..which isn't too bad. Now I love the gateway but perhaps they were just having a bad day. For I'm going to have to give them a 6-6.5 on this one. Sorry gateway :( you hold a place in my heart I promise..I'm sure next time will be better.

pictures soon.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Rt. 7 Diner

Clearly located on Route 7. It's a bit past Wade Rd and Peter Harris Plaza. If your not from Nisky or around that area it's kind of a bit out of the way but it's really well priced and worth it.

This diner has always been a little treat for me. I've always enjoyed going to it when people were/are willing to meet me there. They have both Tabasco and splenda..A+ route 7. There was a creepy bus boy who kept staring creepily at the other poached egg which made us both a little uncomfortable. We sat in the back room this time instead of the front which really makes no difference. They didn't skimp on the home fries but I did get less than the other egg :(. However they tasted delicious and had the right combo of spices etc. There was definitely a lot of leakage from my eggs but whatever they weren't over cooked I would almost say they were cooked to perfection. I over all enjoyed my experience at this diner I'll give it an 8.

I must say that whenever I'm friendly it seems to back fire. Just to make things straight just because I smiled and said hi doesn't mean I want you. With that said we were seated promptly and our waitress was very pleasant and got us everything we needed Tabasco Ketchup etc., in a timely manner which was great because I hate when you have to ask them 10 times just for a glass of water, I'm thirsty! I enjoyed the home fries here more than the Empress Diner, I like the thinner sliced potatoes because they get crispy brown. I really liked the coffee here, it also made a difference because they actually had splenda.

It was 3.15 for the plate and a total of 9.50 for two plates and two coffees.

p.s. No one made you look at this blog eff you G.K. LOOOOOOVE 2 poached eggs.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Empress Diner

This diner was definitely THE jump off spot for the elderly. We were surrounded by regulars that frequent the spot and people who were much older than us..which isn't necessarily a negative. It's always good to have regulars, it's good when people come back it means they like the food and the service. The diner is located in Colonie, NY off of Central Ave.

The coffee was pretty good the only downfall was there was NO splenda, which in my book is not good..there should ALWAYS be splenda. The food came pretty quick and the home fries were delicious and they didn't skimp on them. They also had Tabasco which my all time favorite and always a plus. My one egg was already broken though which bummed me out because it meant that 3 pieces of toast would have to be dedicated to my poached eggs instead of the normal 2 to eggs and 2 to be bizarre I know. The food was extremely well priced though. It was 2.95 for two eggs, toast, and home fries which thus far is the cheapest I've seen. (we'll rate the other diners we've already been to when we go to them again) For two people with was $12 all together..not bad at all. I feel as though it wasn't a case where you got what you paid for..I feel as though I got actually a bit more than I paid for which makes me and my stomach a happy camper. I rate the Empress Diner at an 8.5.

I as well was saddened by the lack of splenda. My eggs weren't broken, so it must have been a transit accident. The home fries were pretty legit. They were cooked with onions until golden brown. There was a little too much onion for my taste but I still rate the overall experience of the home fries as a 9. Service was speedy, friendly and refilled our coffee in a timely manner. Everything else about this dinning experience was satisfactory and the price didn't put a dent in my pocket which is always a plus. All things considered I'd rate the Empress diner an 8.5 out of 10.

Pictures to come soon.

What we're about.

Hello and welcome one and all to 2 poached eggs. As you can see this blog is all about diners..and specifically our favorite meal at diners..2 poached eggs, wheat toast, home fries, and coffee. Of course with the condiments of splenda and Tabasco.
When I was a kid me, my parents, and my godparents would always go to diners. It was a ritual and a fairly normal one at that. Who hasn't fallen in love with a local diner? I would search the menu for what I wanted and always somehow ended up with the mac and cheese or fettuccine alfredo..they were my forte. As a teen..I can remember going to the local 76 diner and causing a ruckus with all my hoodlum friends :). We used to get french fries with cheese and a coffee or soda. Growing up in suburbia we looked forward to our Friday nights at the diner and even though we were loud and obnoxious they dealt with us and our tips of dimes and gum. Now, as an 'adult' every time I enter a diner all I want is a good cup of coffee and well poached eggs. Please, don't skimp on my hash browns/home fries, always carry Tabasco and you will be a-ok in my book. Give me a shitty waitress with a bad attitude and a cook who over poached my yolks...and I'll flip.

I the other poached egg, enjoyed going to the local diner ever mother/father/grandparents etc. day. I didn't have a regular dish, but now that I frequent diners more often I have one choice and one choice only, 2 poached eggs on wheat toast with home fries and coffee. Delicious. These days we can afford to tip a little bit more than just dimes and gum. So, give us good service, good food a smile and we'll be your new best friends.