Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Empress Diner

This diner was definitely THE jump off spot for the elderly. We were surrounded by regulars that frequent the spot and people who were much older than us..which isn't necessarily a negative. It's always good to have regulars, it's good when people come back it means they like the food and the service. The diner is located in Colonie, NY off of Central Ave.

The coffee was pretty good the only downfall was there was NO splenda, which in my book is not good..there should ALWAYS be splenda. The food came pretty quick and the home fries were delicious and they didn't skimp on them. They also had Tabasco which my all time favorite and always a plus. My one egg was already broken though which bummed me out because it meant that 3 pieces of toast would have to be dedicated to my poached eggs instead of the normal 2 to eggs and 2 to be bizarre I know. The food was extremely well priced though. It was 2.95 for two eggs, toast, and home fries which thus far is the cheapest I've seen. (we'll rate the other diners we've already been to when we go to them again) For two people with was $12 all together..not bad at all. I feel as though it wasn't a case where you got what you paid for..I feel as though I got actually a bit more than I paid for which makes me and my stomach a happy camper. I rate the Empress Diner at an 8.5.

I as well was saddened by the lack of splenda. My eggs weren't broken, so it must have been a transit accident. The home fries were pretty legit. They were cooked with onions until golden brown. There was a little too much onion for my taste but I still rate the overall experience of the home fries as a 9. Service was speedy, friendly and refilled our coffee in a timely manner. Everything else about this dinning experience was satisfactory and the price didn't put a dent in my pocket which is always a plus. All things considered I'd rate the Empress diner an 8.5 out of 10.

Pictures to come soon.

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