Monday, January 7, 2008

The Gateway Diner

The Gateway Diner is located on Central Ave. in Albany right off of Everett Rd.

This place has always been my go to spot. I can remember after my high school graduation me and a group of my friends went here to celebrate and eat some delicious food. This of course was before it was remodeled and we set in a dimly lit corner with a nice big table. I remember exactly what I got..water beer battered onion rings and a side of ziti.
Over the summer me and my friends would frequent this diner on Saturdays or Sundays for a nice breakfast/lunch. I would clearly always order my favorite..poached eggs and toast but sometimes I would mix it up with a side of fruit or a pancake. I have a lot of fond memories of the Gateway Diner. The late night stops for french onion soup..the morning breakfast to aid a nice hang over, all the usual gatherings. It's definitely one of my favorite diners in Albany even if sometimes the service is slow and sometimes the waitress spills OJ on your food.
However, my most recent experience with the Gateway diner was no where near my best. Our waiter..I'll give him props was nice and friendly a bit jittery at times but over all good. My eggs were WAY over cook which I found very upsetting. The home fries were amazing as usual and the coffee was at its normal deliciousness. The eggs thing really upset me though. Since the gateway is one of my favorite spots it must be known that they clearly always have splenda and Tabasco. I think it was like 3.99 for my plate and the bill for 4 people came to about 12.60 or so..which isn't too bad. Now I love the gateway but perhaps they were just having a bad day. For I'm going to have to give them a 6-6.5 on this one. Sorry gateway :( you hold a place in my heart I promise..I'm sure next time will be better.

pictures soon.


Anonymous said...

when will you post your review of the metro 20

Mike Dikk said...

Right before I moved out of Albany in October, I went there and had the worst pancakes I've ever had in my life. They were worse than the old Mcdonalds pancakes and on par with microwaveable ones that I'm not even sure if they're allowed to sell anymore. They were also a weird unnatural color and texture. I don't know what happened when they remodeled, but I think they got a different cook that fucks everything up.

DaniellaK said...
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